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We are a collective of [MANY] architects and designers that originates in Madrid and New York [MA-NY] and expands worldwide to form a dynamic, responsive network of designers and professionals. We seek multiple influences and sources of inspiration - including nature, art, fashion, sports, even YouTube - to generate diverse responses to each architectural project.


We are devoted to learning about the public and our world through widespread sources, methods, and philosophies, to generate pragmatic but innovative design concepts for our work. We believe each project is a unique opportunity to evaluate its various contextual and functional constraints.  Our progressive attitude lies in our ability to interpret the specific challenges and opportunities for each distinct project. We believe each new building or design project has the potential to re-define, underscore, amplify and celebrate the myriad identities and conditions that comprise it. 


We are cultural omnivores committed to innovation -- to testing a broad range of possible solutions to reach the most adequate response. We are intrinsically dynamic, diverse, gregarious, cosmopolitan, observant, rigorously optimistic, and remain, at the same time, consistently critical and open. Spain

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