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SILO - Sevilla

Project Date: February 2005

Architects: Enrique Vizuete Albaladejo, José María Capellán Barreras

SILO is a project designed to the archive and storage of documents reveals difficulties related to the necessary space, considering the special conditions required for the preservation of documents as well as its life time, considering the grow of archiving. Our proposal faces these problems focusing to the building's organization as well as the optimization of the available space. Hence the proposal bases an empty, almost virtual, container space with small items focused on the basic needs(reception, offices, video library ...).


Building design develops and advantage from the setback required from the municipality resulting a volume of equal surface in all its floors. The basement is fully operational due to these setbacks of the perimeter patio. This spatial configuration (panel 02) would support the extension of the useful life of the building; (panel 03). Conservational conditions in the archive are main to our proposal: light filters through the exterior skin of the building, a second internal glass layer isolates the interior from the outside and allowing a proper ventilation of the archival material.

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